The Challenge

The human body is an intricate system of cells, nerves, tissues, muscles and organs; all working together to keep us alive. The inner workings of the body are so complex that most people struggle to accurately visualise and understand medical processes when they are explained to them; even with the aid of 2D images, diagrams and written explanations.

Project Medical Animation
Technology 3D animation

The Solution

3D medical animation videos are the most effective way of explaining surgical procedures, diseases and the effects of pharmaceutical products to the public, doctors and patients. We help explain biological processes through immersive scientific storytelling.

Watch a complex pharmaceutical mechanism of action (MoA) play out in front of your eyes through the use of hyper-realistic computer-generated scientific animations.

vStream’s medical animations can be used as effective training tools, product demonstrations, patient communication aides or promotional and educational material. Our animation assets can be repurposed to create immersive virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, interactive apps and installations, holograms and experiential medical congress exhibits.