Interactive Exhibit Technology

vStream Health has enviable experience creating a wide range of content that allows it to bring a different perspective to your challenges, an essential element for any company to stay visible and relevant to a customer under an avalanche of messaging. vStream Health are experts in all digital platforms, and uniquely qualified and experienced in inventing new ones when required. The future of meeting and engagement is a combination of the virtual and the real. The increase in the virtual will also bring higher demands on face-to-face meetings and events, where experiences will need to have the visual power of the virtual with the visceral power of the real. vStream Health’s Interactive Booth Technology stops passing foot traffic and creates deep, memorable exchanges through both tactile and non-tactile interactive displays and experiences. For example, ‘Holocubes’ allow real-world objects, including packaging, devices and models to be brought to life with holographic elements. ‘Hypeboxes’ are display boxes that allow for interactive imagery and video to be overlayed. ‘Intelligent Tables’ allow visitors to use real objects to interact with digital, intelligent content.