VR/AR/MR Experiences

vStream Health is at the leading edge of innovation in healthcare communications, having developed award-winning, patient-centric experiences for HCP’s in Virtual Reality, reinventing and reimaging the customer experience with a more holistic approach to awareness, education, empathy and mental health. With Augmented Reality vStream Health has brought to laboratories and life medical devices using smart phones and product packaging, making it easier to explain with a more memorable engagement. And, in combining the two, the company has pushed the boundaries with Mixed Reality, to realise the future of education and awareness.

Case Study

H.A.R.V. – exploring Atrial Fibrillation from within the body

vStream Health created a VR Tour of the human heart for Pfizer to explain the benefits of anticoagulants to patients and HCPs. The VR Experience was delivered on Oculus, Google Cardboad, and YouTube 360. Check out the 360 Version below: